The RAP Inspection

Now that you’ve gone through steps 1 through 6, it’s time to do your inspection to verify you’re ready to reopen. First, go to the “COVID-19 Checklist” to get started. You must have a user ID and password to use the checklist. There is no fee.

The first page is the demographic information about your establishment. Make sure to select the type of your establishment that most closely reflects your business as the questions will be specific to that type of establishment.

You’ll find that most of the questions have a “Tips Tool” link – look for the ? in the blue circle. If you’re not sure about the question, click on that link for more detailed information. In some cases, reference documents or video/audio explanations will be available here.

The last page is the signature page, a space to add additional notes and a preview of the inspection report. Sign it, date it, then press “Submit” for the report to be emailed to you and to download the PDF.

Start your first inspection now.Remember, you will need to create an account or login to your existing account to use the inspection tool.