What do I need to do to protect take-out orders?


1. Determine the best space for Pick-Up orders in your establishment. If your restaurant has a vestibule, that could work well. If not, set up an area near your front door.

2. Re-purpose shelving or similar to keep orders at least 6 inches off the ground for the new Pick-Up area.

3. Create a labeling system for orders.

a. We recommend a bold sharpie or print out a label with the customer’s name and an order number and place the order where the information can be read from a distance.


1. Take full payment including tip online or over the phone.

2. Explain to the customer this will be a CONTACT-FREE Pick-Up and if there is anyone in line looking for an order to leave 6 ft. of space between everyone.

3. Ask your customer what their ETA is and let them know when you expect the food to be ready. Givethem an order number that will be visible on the Pick-Up order.

4. After washing hands with warm water (making sure to scrub for 20 seconds) the designated employee should don a pair of non-latex gloves, place the order in the Pick-Up area and then immediately washhands again. (If multiple orders are being placed in the Pick-Up area, gloves should be changed and hands washed every 15 minutes.) Gloves should be changed if they become torn or soiled.

5. Prior to placing food in the Pick-Up area make sure all foods are under temperature control: cold
food should be placed in separate containers from hot food to help maintain product temperatures.


1. Clean and disinfect any commonly touched areas in the pick-up process including the door


1. Keep your staff and customers safe by not having them interact face to face.

2.. Staff not currently scheduled to work should be denied entry to the establishment.

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