“How can I deliver food safely?”


1. Take full payment including tip online or over the phone..

2. Receive directions for where the customer would like their food placed. (i.e. on steps, by garage,front porch, in mailbox, etc. . . )

3. Explain to the customer this will be a CONTACT-FREE delivery..

4. For third-party food delivery, consider setting up a handwashing station for the drivers. A Cambro style coffee urn filled with hot water and nearby soap, paper towels and a container for waste. Water retention allow for handwashing. You may even want to provide hand sanitizers or have a sanitizing hand-dip station set up. All drivers should be provided with disposable gloves..

5. Prior to sending food away with driver make sure all foods are under temperature control. Cold food should be placed in separate containers from hot food to help maintain product temperatures..

6. Delivery drivers should have coolers or insulated bags that should be cleaned and disinfected every four hours..

7. The delivery vehicle should be cleaned and disinfected daily. This includes the steering wheel, shifters, radio controls and doorhandles – anything that hands touch..


1. Have delivery employees wear single-use gloves and change when contamination occurs..

2. The packaging MUST stay closed and intact. It may not be opened by anyone except for the person placing the order..

3. Have the driver confirm the customer that food has been delivered via text or phone call to the costumer. You may want your driver to wait in the car to assure food is picked up..


1. Apply hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content when available after a delivery and change gloves..

2. Disinfect delivery bags before picking up new orders..

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